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Sampler Energy PE-1620UL

Sampler Energy PE-1620UL

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Designed for sampling of oil products, density measurement and temperature by hydrometer ANT-2 from road and rail tankers, as well as stationary tanks. Sampler is used for quality control at acceptance, storage and distribution. Sampler is designed and manufactured as per GOST 2517-12 “Oil and oil products. Methods of sampling”.
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Where PE-1620UB is used

PE-1620UB sampler is successfully used by oil refineries, gas stations, tank farms, by various transportation companies to control diesel fuel in their enterprises.

Special features

  • Sampling is conducted from any level of depth, even the very bottom of a tank.

  • Sampler is made of stainless steel alloy 12Х18S10Т

  • Sampler’s rope is made of stainless steel alloy A2,A4

  • A rope-sampler connection has constant current line

  • Bolts, hooks, latches are made of stainless steel alloy A2,A4

  • Has an earthening cable 1.4 m long with gripe of "Crocodile" type


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