“Energy” company was founded in 2003 and is situated in Krasnodar, Russia.

Our main specialization is development and production of laboratory devices for oil products control. The special position in our assortment is given to devices for low temperature diesel parameters analyses, which range from rather simple units to completely automatic devices with complex architecture. We also offer a wide range of mobile samplers for various liquids (oil products, water, oils).

We execute a full production cycle - from idea to a finished product - and maintain quality control at each stage. We produce serial models and are willing to collaborate on customers' individual specifications as well. Some of producing devices are our exclusive know-how, that have no alternates in Russia and CIS.

Promptness, accuracy and usability

While developing devices we pay close attention to both technical and usability aspects. We use a quality control system at every production stage which allows us to achieve promptness and accuracy of the results provided by our devices. We are constantly working on usability of our products, trying to make them easy to use even for inexperienced users.

Head of the company Mikhail Mikhailov

The key advantages of our devices are promptness and accuracy of the results they provide and usability. That's why they are successfully used both in certified laboratories and in fuel acceptance points (petrol stations, oil depots, delivery companies).

Among our customers are oil producing and refining companies, oil depots, petrol stations, independent laboratories and thousands of other companies situated in Russia and all over the world.

Our collaboration with customers doesn’t end at the sales stage. We keep on taking care, providing a 12 months warranty on all the products and executing post warranty service.