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МХ-800-PTF Automatic measure CFPP of diesel oil
МХ-800-PTF Automatic measure CFPP of diesel oil

МХ-800-PTF Automatic measure CFPP of diesel oil

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Designed to determine the parameters quickly and accurately: Peak temperature of diesel oil filterability.
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Special features

  • There are no fragile parts, no need to wash filter part constantly.

  • Fast CFPP determination as accurate as per GOST(ASTM).

  • Fully automatic testing. Just fill in the fuel, push “Start” and wait for results to show up;

  • Built-in Peltier cooling system allowsto retain the whole measure range of CFPP as per GOST.

  • The analysis does not require an external cryostat. Integrated cooling device (cooling compressor).

  • Integrated diaphragm pump supporting vacuum of 200 mm. water column automatically.

  • Graphic display and electronic temperature control bath

  • Audio indication

  • Auto device washover

  • Auto warm-up system

  • Inner RAM for results storage.

  • The possibility of cloud temperature determination.

  • A unique form factor of measuring tank with cloud point determination sensor, which is without parallel.

  • Auto diagnostics system


    Types of controlled oilDiesel oil of all brands
    Cell coolingPeltier elements
    Analysis period from 10 to 60 min
    Accuracy of cooling chamber temperature sustainability °С from ±0,5 to ±1,0
    Control of sample movement in pipetautomatically
    Vacuum creation system Micropump with auto vacuum regulation
    Info presentationDigital display
    Temperature sensorthermocouple
    Voltage, V (*)220 - 250
    frequency, Hz50
    Power consumption in a "Cooling" mode is not more that, W1800
    Terms of Use: 
    Air temperature, С +15 ... +35
    ОRelative humidity, %30 - 90
    Overall dimensions, мм: 
    Weight, kg30 +-5


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