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Sampler Energy PM-50L

Sampler Energy PM-50L

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Designed for sampling of oil products, density measurement and temperature by hydrometer ANT-2 from road and rail tankers, as well as stationary tanks. Sampler is used for quality control at acceptance, storage and distribution. This sampler is designed and manufactured as per GOST 2517-12 “Oil and oil products. Methods of sampling”.
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Designed for sampling of oil products and special liquids off road and rail tankers, stationary tanks. Withdraws from any level or the bottom of the tank.

Special features

  • Sampling is conducted from any level of depth.

  • Inlet diameter allows to measure oil product density and temperature at once

  • The sampler is manufactured of BRASS BS63

  • Sampler’s rope is made of stainless steel alloy A2,A4

  • A rope-sampler connection has constant current line

  • Bolts, hooks, latches are made of stainless steel alloy A2,A4

  • Has an earthening cable 1.4 m long with gripe of "Crocodile" type


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